PriXLence is a revolutionary solution to optimize your pricing capabilities starting at transactional level. Leading companies using PriXLence™ achieved incremental profit up-to 5% of revenue. For an organization with annual revenue of US$ 500 Million/year, typical achievable business benefit is anywhere between US$ 5 to US$ 25 Mn per year. PriXLence’s existing customers include Fortune 500 companies.

BeamD is an Acceval™ Business Partner. Reference customers include successful companies in a variety of industries, such as Sanofi, Carlsberg, Sumitomo, Shell-Sumitomo, Petronas and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.


PrixLence comes in three modules:

1. Deal & Price Management

  • Prepares, analyzes, quotes and negotiates deals profitably
  • Enforces price & margin rules for one-time / long-term contracts, tenders and distributor sales
  • Proposes product bundle, cross sell suggestions and price recommendations
  • Manages marketing spends to serve and manages deals profitability proactively

2. Price & Profitability Analytics & Customer Segmentation

  • Identifies improvements to price and margin leakages
  • Develops enhanced pricing and cost to serve policies
  • Generates customer segmentation’s to improve targeting and positioning

3 a. Price Segmentation

  • Sets optimal price guidance for business to business transactions

3b. Customer Value Pricing

  • Enables analysis of customer value
  • Aligns price positioning and product / service offerings according to values perceived & delivered to customers

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Wealth of Information through Auto Dashboards

Individual deal visibility and control

Improves margin & profitability

Reduction of inconsistencies, leakages and deal non-compliance

Account Management – optimizes marketing spend and product offering

Improves business portfolio and product mix

Product rationalization to optimize inventory

Reduces low price/ margin outliers

Pricing policies by channels

Improves customer targeting & positioning

Awards: PriXLence has won SAP™ Best Customer Return on Investment award as also Singapore Infocomm Award for Best Industrial Application besides